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Route No. 3 - Sulina (8-9 hours)

Complete route: Tulcea - Mila 23 - Letea Village - Sulina - Tulcea
One-day trips to the Danube Delta - Sulina

The route nr 3




At 8:45 am, it is necessary to be present at the boarding point – Exploreaza Delta Dunarii Pontoon – in the Hotel Delta area. At 8:00 am, the departure from Tulcea will be made by boat. The return to the boarding point in Tulcea will occur between 6:00-7:00 pm.



“The departure for the excursion to Sulina – Danube Delta is from Tulcea Port – Delta Hotel Area, at 09:00. In order to finalize payments (if this has not already been done) and to receive information about the boat with which you will undertake the excursion, you are expected to arrive at 08:30 – 08:45.”



Children between 0-6 years old are free of charge.

Children between 6-12 years old pay half of the ticket price.

Children over 12 pay the full ticket price.



One-day trips in the Danube Delta Tulcea - Mila 23 - Letea Village - Sulina - Tulcea

Route Nr 3 - Sulina

Boarding for the Tulcea – Mila 23 – Letea Village – Sulina – Tulcea Danube Delta excursion takes place at the Tulcea Port – Exploreaza Delta Dunarii pontoon near the Delta Hotel, where we descend on the Tulcea branch until the entrance gate to the Danube Delta, namely channel 36. Here, we turn right into the Sireasa creek, a place with a very diverse fauna and flora, specific to the Danube Delta, such as wild grapes, cormorants, otters, egrets, swans, wild ducks, herons, and others.

We continue our journey on the Sontea creek, passing by the famous fishermen’s platform “La scaunele” and crossing the Fortuna Lake, an exceptionally beautiful and exotic place rich in wildlife, where we hope to find the famous pelicans. Next, we reach the Vacaru and Ligheanca lakes, renowned for their abundance of water lilies and a large number of swans. We arrive at Mila 23 (the birthplace of the famous champion Ivan Patzaichin), located right in the middle of the Danube Delta, where we can visit the village of Mila 23 and take a short 15-30 minute break for toilet or coffee.

From Mila 23, we continue our journey on the Eracle canal and cross the Matita and Merhei lakes, areas famous for their abundance of water lilies and rich fauna. Considering that the Rosca – Buhaiova area (one of the largest pelican reserves, strictly prohibited) is nearby, it is very likely that we will find large flocks of pelicans feeding on one of the two lakes.

We enter the Sidor canal, an area where the landscape changes, the canal winds through the sand dunes and gives you the feeling that you are approaching Letea Village. Here, we can choose to take a trip to the famous Letea Forest. Alongside the locals, we set out in search of wild horses among the sand dunes, either by car or traditionally with a horse-drawn cart. After this “safari,” we can opt for a hearty Lipovan meal (fish soup, fried fish with polenta and garlic sauce. For the “picky eaters” who don’t eat fish, we can find chicken with fried potatoes and salad). We depart from Letea on the canal with water lilies, and if weather conditions permit, we cross the Musura Bay to reach the “K” island located in the Black Sea, at the Romanian-Ukrainian border. Thousands of birds nest here, a little corner of paradise that I’ll let you discover for yourself so as not to spoil the surprise (landing on the island’s shore is strictly prohibited). From here, we visit the Turgut shipwreck, a vessel stranded in 2009.

We enter the Danube from the sea, admiring the river’s mouth and the new lighthouse all the way to Sulina, the easternmost city in Romania. For one hour, you can visit the city or relax on a terrace with a refreshing drink. The return is made through the Sulina branch, passing by the villages of Crisan, Gorgova, Maliuc, Vulturu, and Partizani.

300 Lei per person – Optional meal 70 Lei per person, also optional trip to Letea Forest 25 Lei per person.

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